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Quick Guidelines

Quick Guidelines

Architectural Review

Exterior improvements to the lot or main dwelling must be approved in writing by the Architectural Control Committee. This includes changes, additions or improvements to landscaping, fencing, painting, swimming pools, storage buildings, children's play-equipment, gazebo's, etc. Decisions will be made based on the conformity and harmony of the exterior design and the provisions in the Declaration.

(Declaration, Article V)

Home Business

No residence is to be used for commercial uses. This does not include quiet, non-offensive activities such as tutoring or art-lessons as long as these activities do not "materially increase the number of cars parked on the street."

(General Covenants and Restrictions, Article VI, Section 6:30)

Boats & Recreational Vehicles

Boats, trailers, RV's, campers and other similar vehicles are not to be parked or stored in the street, the driveway, or front-yard of any residence within the community. Additionally, storage in the side or rear-yard is prohibited unless it is completely concealed from public view.

(General Covenants and Restrictions, Article VI, Section 6.17)


Permitted trees are Burr Oak, Cedar Elm, Chinquapin Oak, Chinese Pistachio, Dogwood, Lacebark Elm, Leland Cypress, Live Oak, Redbud, and Schumard Red Oak.

(General Covenants and Restrictions, Article VI, Section 6.05)

External Structures

Children's playhouses, greenhouses, gazebos, storage buildings and other external structures require approval from the Architectural Control Committee.

(Declaration, Section 9.13; Article X)


The standard mailbox must be the black, double box installation on a single 4'x4' cedar post. Mailboxes are to be installed on the property line between two houses.

(General Covenants and Restrictions, Article VI, Section 6.28)


Fences are to be built of wood or another material that is approved in writing by the ACC. Wood fences must have slats not more than six inches wide, installed vertically, and are not to exceed eight feet in height. Fences are not to appear painted, but may be stained or sealed to present and maintain a natural wood look.

(General Covenants and Restrictions, Article VI, Section 6.12)

Satellite Dishes & Antennas

Satellite dishes are to be placed in as obscure of a location as possible, such that the dish is not visible from the street, common areas, or the front yard of adjoining lots. All satellite dishes are subject to ACC approval and may not exceed one meter in diameter.*

All radio or television aerial wires or antennas are to be placed inside the home and must not be visible from the outside.*

(General Covenants and Restrictions, Article VI, Section 6.14)

* The above restrictions are guidelines not intended to conflict or supersede FCC regulations.

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